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Are you feeling low?  Feeling ‘grey’ or unmotivated?  Have you stopped finding enjoyment in the things you used to love? Body Psychotherapy and depression counselling can help you shift out of depression. I specialise in helping people break out of depression and get their lives back.   Online and telephone appointments are available for depression, find out more here.

Have a look at how counselling and body psychotherapy can help you by reading on below.

How depression counselling can help you get back on track (counselling, mindfulness, body psychotherapy)

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Find your mojo and lessen the grip of depression with depression counselling

Let’s talk about what’s going on in your life. Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Are you feeling stuck?  Are you frustrated with something?  

Often when we’re depressed we can get stuck in negative thought patterns, so we may do some mindfulness techniques to help you separate you from your thoughts.  We’ll help you see that you are not your thoughts. You can choose to create a distance between yourself and these negative thoughts.

When we feel depressed, we feel it physically in our bodies: low energy, a sense of heaviness, no motivation to move or go out and do the things we used to.  So we may look at ways of moving your body to get some more energy into  your system (e.g. some breathing) or perhaps shaking this off heaviness.

When we’re depressed it’s like we’re shoving down a whole heap of thoughts and feelings so that we don’t have to deal with them.  Unfortunately when you repress the unpleasant stuff, you’re also stopping the ability to feel pleasure.  So we may look at some ways of learning how to express yourself. Learning how to stand up for yourself.  Learning how to say “NO!”  Learning how to get your needs met. 

We’ll look at ways you can bring more joy and pleasure back into your life so that you feel more like your old self again, or even a better version of your old self!

What is the difference between depression counselling and psychotherapy?

How many depression counselling sessions would I need? Learn more here

How much will it cost me? Are health fund rebates available?

I know it works because I’ve been where you are now. Find out more about my own journey with anxiety and depression and how I got my mojo back.

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Are Sarah’s depression counselling services right for you?

I use evidence-based talk therapies and body psychotherapy to help people reduce the symptoms of their depression.  

I might suggest the mindfulness-based techniques of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help you unhook from negative thoughts. Helping you see that you are not your thoughts.  That we all have negative, unhelpful thoughts at times, and that there are ways to create a distance from them so that you are not so emotionally affected by them.

You feel the symptoms of depression in your body as well as your mind (heaviness, lethargy), so why not choose body-orientated psychotherapy to help you reduce those symptoms?

Body psychotherapy is really effective in helping people deal with their depression.  The deep diaphragmatic breathing helps bring life back into your body in a gentle way.  And the movement and expression help us get to the root of all the ‘stuff’ that’s been weighing you down.

So why not give it a try?  

I would love to hear what’s going on for you, so feel free to book a FREE 20 min discovery session by phone or skype with me so you can ask me anything you like.   You can book it online by clicking this button




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Signs and Symptoms of Depression

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Have you been feeling sad or low every day for more than 2 weeks?  Here are some more symptoms you might have:

  • Physical: low energy; no motivation; feeling of heaviness in your body; feeling tired all the time; upset digestion; headaches and muscular pain; difficulty sleeping; weight gain.
  • Feelings: low, sad, miserable, unable to make decisions, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, irritable.
  • Behaviour: low motivation; no interest in the things you used to love doing; not wanting to go out; finding it hard to get things done at work/home; withdrawing socially or from family; numbing out with alcohol or sedatives.
  • Thoughts: I’m worthless/useless/a failure; people would be better off without me; everything is my fault.

Sarah’s Counselling Services

In addition to Depression Counselling, Sarah’s North Brisbane psychotherapist clinic offers:

I would love to help you get back to being your old self, or perhaps an even better version of your old self.   If you’re ready to book in for some depression counselling please use the button below to book a session via my online diary.

For info on my fees and available health fund rebates have a look at my Pricing page.

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