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Are you feeling overwhelmed by emotions?  Lost your motivation? Are relationship issues causing you stress?   I offer professional counselling services in North Brisbane.  I help people recover from anxiety, chronic stress, relationship issues, grief, and more.   I’m passionate about helping people recover from burnout and chronic pain.  Your mental well-being is my priority and my passion.

Try counselling services with Sarah Tuckett Psychotherapy and Counselling North Brisbane

Here are some of the things that counselling services can help you with:

  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Stress management
  • Burnout
  • Relationship issues
  • Emotional crises
  • Intimacy issues
  • Sexuality
  • Life transitions e.g. becoming a parent or menopause
  • Grief and loss
  • Pain
  • Psychosomatic illness
  • Workplace bullying
  • Abuse – emotional, sexual or physical
  • Trauma; and
  • Mentoring/personal development

Feeling isolated, lonely, dealing with difficult issues by yourself? Try Counselling

Maybe you’ve just moved to a new town, or maybe you’ve lost key supportive relationships.  Sometimes we just need to talk to someone outside of our circle. Come and talk to a neutral, supportive counsellor, safe in the knowledge that everything is kept completely confidential.  See how even just how just talking to someone about your troubles can lift a weight off your shoulders.

Counselling and body psychotherapy with Sarah Tuckett -  Counselling Services North Brisbane

What are the benefits of counselling for you?

  • We’ll look at strategies to manage your symptoms.
  • I will help you to work through difficult emotions in a supportive, confidential atmosphere.
  • We’ll look at where you might be trapped in negative thinking and challenge automatic thoughts.
  • We will see where you may have been acting with faulty logic.
  • We’ll look at where patterns of behaviour may have come from and ways of stopping yourself from doing the same in the future.

Have a look at how counselling can help you specifically with:

If you would like to discuss your situation and find out how counselling or body psychotherapy can help you please call me on 0450 22 00 59.  Or go to my online diary to book now.

I offer a FREE 20 minute discovery session for new clients by phone so that you can ask me anything you want about body psychotherapy, counselling or group classes.  You can book this though my online diary.


For info on my fees and available health fund rebates have a look at my Pricing page.

If you’re not ready to book just now, you can sign up to my monthly client newsletter and see what I’m sending my clients.  I never give away contact details and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Have a look at my FAQ page for answers to some common questions about therapy.

The key to making therapy work for you

Counselling Services North Brisbane - Sarah Tuckett Psychotherapy and Counselling

Counsellors and psychotherapists use lots of different techniques to help you recover.  There are literally hundreds of different therapies.  But we all have the same goal in mind: your recovery.  We’re just working with different tools.  So choose a person and a technique that appeals to you!

What brings good results in therapy is:

So when you start counselling, pick a  Counsellor that you like the look of, who uses therapies that appeal to you.  And if they don’t work out for you, move on to the next one. 

Tools and Techniques

Tools and Techniques used by Sarah Tuckett Counsellor North Brisbane

I offer an integrative counselling service – looking at the whole of you, not just your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.   Together we will look at all of the areas of your life that can impact mental health and see where you can make small changes, that cumulatively will add up to feeling better.

Did you know that your mental health is also impacted by:

  • Your posture and your movement (or lack of)
  • Lifestyle and environment
  • Food and your digestion
  • Any underlying medical conditions
  • Social connections and spiritual beliefs.

It may be that making small tweaks to these areas in addition to personal therapy will have a beneficial impact. Where you need assistance in a certain area that is outside my area of expertise, I can refer you to experts in that field.

Whilst body psychotherapy and somatic movement therapy are my passion, I offer a variety of ‘just talking’ counselling services to help you get back on track.

Just like an artist will use different brushes for different jobs.  Some are short-term techniques to help you manage your feelings and thoughts, and others are longer-term for deeper personal reflection and learning.   Some involve just your mind, and some involve your body too.  It’s all about your personal preference. We can talk about your goals and what you’d like to try in your initial session, but here’s some info on the different types of therapy we can use:

I’ve had both depression and anxiety and I recovered thanks to counselling, body psychotherapy and the help of a wonderful Integrative GP and Naturopath.  To learn more about  me and my own journey with depression go to my profile page. 
For info on my fees and available health fund rebates have a look at my Pricing page.


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