Four ways that music calms your anxiety

Music has the ability to soothe our soul like nothing else.  Your choice of soothing music has the ability to reduce your anxiety, make you feel calmer and happier.  Here are four ways in which music calms your anxiety:

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1. Listening to music impacts your nervous system and the neurotransmitters your brain sends out

Listening to calming music reduces the levels of cortisol and stress hormones in your body.

Music has been shown to have a greater effect on calming your anxiety than relaxation techniques and anti-anxiety medication in scientific studies (2014 and 2017). And all you have to do is listen! 

Music has even been found to have had an anti-inflammatory effect on the body (which is a risk factor for lots of diseases and health conditions).

2. Music soothes your heart

When you are feeling anxious you will often feel your heart racing.  Music helps to slow your heart rate and decrease your blood pressure. (Read more..)

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3. Listening to your favorite songs releases dopamine which makes you feel happy

Yup, the same ‘happy’ neurotransmitter that is released when you are doing pleasurable activities (e.g. food, sex, drugs), is released by just listening to your favorite song.  So maybe step away from the chocolate and put on your favorite song. (Yeah no…. That’s never going to happen…). Find out more…

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4. Singing along slows your exhale and this reduces your anxiety even more

When you sing you have to do a long exhale. That long exhale that tells our nervous system that we want to relax.  (Just like you do in Square breathing, 4-7-8 breathing and breathing in the stars – give it a go!)

Sure your neighbours or your pets may not always appreciate your efforts. But you’ll feel better!

And if you MOVE along to the music then that’s even better! Find out how movement calms your anxiety here.

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Now that you know that music really can reduce your anxiety, I hope this inspires you to put on your favorite music whenever you are stressed or anxious.

For more breathing, movement and rest techniques, hop on over to the Resources page.

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