Lemon day lists

What’s on your “lemon day” list?

Lemon day lists

When life gives you lemons do you make lemonade or do you reach for the ice cream? I have been known to do the latter when things go really downhill. Sometimes you just need a bit of sweetness in your life, but then I regret it the next day. However, there are other things you can do to make yourself feel better that don’t involve a delicious combo of fat and sugar.

I’ve created a list of my own ‘Lemon Day’ strategies and put it on the fridge for when it is needed:

1. Walk outside and get fresh air into my lungs

2. Take off my shoes and feel the connection with the soft grass under my feet.

3. Play with my animals for 5 minutes

4. Walk by the sea and get great big gulps of fresh, salty air into my lungs

5. Drink a big glass of water in case I’m dehydrated

6. Call a friend

7. Release my frustration/anger/disappointment in a safe contained space (read more about how to do this is at home safely

8. Go and work from another location e.g. library or café

9. Put on essential oils in the vaporiser

10. Have a shower/swim to wash off the grrrrrr/bleugh

11. Put on Adele and sing really loud (sorry neighbours…). I find vocal expression really helps shift my mood

12. Turn off all electronic devices and read.

13. (Only when all the above have failed….) Eat icecream.

What is on your “Lemon Day List”?


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What flavour unicorn are you?

What flavour unicorn are you?
What flavour unicorn are you?

What flavour Unicorn are you?  Takes this quiz to find out.  I’m kidding of course. Everyone knows that Unicorns only come in one flavour:  AWESOME.   But have you noticed how many “know yourself” quizzes pop up in your feed these days?  (I love doing them and I’ve listed my favourite quiz ever below.)   We’re curious to know WHO we are, HOW we perceive the world compared to others and WHY we’re here.  

My all-time favorite quiz

My all-time favourite is the one created by the brilliant biological anthropologist, Helen Fisher.  Her “Know thyself” quiz has helped hundreds of people understand themselves and the other people in their life.   It helps you understand how your brain functions and the types of people you relate to easily and those who you might find more challenging. 

Wanting to know yourself better and find your purpose in life is one of the three main things that people come to see me about (the other two are depression/anxiety and relationship issues).  We all want to feel like we’re on the right track.  When I say ‘living a life of purpose’ I don’t mean that you have to be the next Dalai Lama or Mother Theresa.  I just mean living a life that feels right to you. (As opposed to living in ways that please others but feel totally grey and depressing to you).

Often people will say to me “I just feel stuck”.  Sometimes they feel a deep yearning to do something different but they just don’t know what.  (Yet).

Feeling stuck
Totally stuck … Great they were my favorites

Talking about yourself helps

In therapy we get to explore your dreams and your deepest longings.   You get to try them on for size – explore what it would FEEL like if those dreams came true – without being shot down or laughed at. 

We delve into your past to see how and why you might have deviated from your true calling.  We also look at ways in which you are acting out in defence patterns that originated from childhood wounds. And find ways to stop living from those defensive places.   

Childhood wounds stay with us longer than you think
Childhood wounds stay with us longer than you think

(I could go on about the benefits of therapy forever, so if you’re interested have a look at my benefits page).  

Maybe you don’t need these quizzes to tell you who you are.  Perhaps you just need to look inside….

Somewhere within you already know who you are.  Perhaps it is hidden somewhere deep out of fear of failure, shame or embarrassment.  However, talking to a therapist can help bring your true feelings to the surface because they’re neutral, non-judgmental and confidential (unlike your partner/mum/work colleague  who usually foist their own ideas of how life should be lived onto you). 

A therapist helps you understand yourself by holding up a mirror and reflecting back to you what they see and what they hear.  In body psychotherapy we take this a step further by noticing how you feel physically as we talk through this stuff.  


What makes you feel sparkly and expansive inside?  And what makes you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?  How do you want to live the rest of your life?  

Show the world your brilliance
Show the world your brilliance

What if you could step forward with ease and confidence because you KNEW beyond all doubt who YOU are and what you love.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  Perhaps you were a sparkly, badasse unicorn all along but you hadn’t dared to look in a mirror…. 

I just KNEW you were a glittery unicorn
I just KNEW you were a glittery unicorn

If you’re up for discovering your inner unicorn why not have a look at my Services page to see if I could help you.   You can also book me online or give me a call 0450 22 00 59. 

Stay sparkly my fellow unicorns!


*Warning:   Eating unicorns is considered extremely bad karma. 

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