At Sarah Tuckett Psychotherapy and Counselling Brisbane, we take a whole-body approach to counselling.   As a professional psychotherapist, Sarah empowers her clients to achieve symptom reduction and personal development through both traditional, evidence-based counselling and transformative body psychotherapy.

Sarah combines techniques such as CBT,  ACT and psychodynamic psychotherapy with movement, diaphragmatic breath work, vocal expression and relaxation techniques.  By drawing from both Western medical theories and contemporary integrative therapies, Sarah is able to craft a tailored therapy plan for each client; creating an optimum pathway for healing.

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Book your FREE 20 minutes discovery session (phone or Skype) so we can discuss your situation and how counselling or body psychotherapy can help you.   Go to my online diary to book now or call  0450 22 00 59.  BUPA and Medibank Private rebates available.

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What is Body Psychotherapy?

When you’re overwhelmed by big emotions, when you’re anxious or depressed, you feel it physically.  Your racing heart, your short breath, that crushing feeling in your chest.

Offering body psychotherapy and counselling in Brisbane, Sarah Tuckett, Psychotherapist takes a holistic approach to tackling emotional problems.

Sarah Tuckett offers a whole-person approach to counselling working with both your mind and body. Sarah helps you to access emotions so that they can be felt and then released. Leaving you lighter and freer.

Body psychotherapy integrates talk therapy with yoga-like poses, movement, breathing and mindfulness to help restore your mental and emotional wellbeing. But it is so much more than that. This blend of psychoanalysis and body-orientated therapy promotes deep healing for anxietydepression, trauma, grief, relationship issues, and more.

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Individual, Couples and Group Counselling Brisbane

Talk one on one, or as a couple, or as part of a group with an empathetic counsellor.  Take control of your emotions using Body Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and learn practical steps for feeling better.


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Group workshops in Brisbane’s North.

Understand how to overcome the emotions holding you back, how to reach your goals and to live your ideal life.

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When you’re feeling anxious, depressed or stressed, you’ll feel it all over. Learn to move your body towards wellness. Sarah works with individuals, public classes and private classes for corporations.

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About Sarah Tuckett, Psychotherapist Brisbane

Sarah Tuckett Psychotherapy and CounsellingSarah Tuckett’s focus on body psychotherapy and integrative counselling stems from her own personal journey through anxiety, depression and stress.  Sarah personally understands the strain that stress can place on you, and your body, so you can feel confident that her counselling services will be empathetic.

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Sarah’s approach to Counselling

Sarah believes in creating a path to wellness that uniquely suits the individual. Sarah has a Master’s Degree in Mental Health from the University of Queensland and holds several qualifications in traditional and alternative approaches to mental health management.  By combining a broad spectrum of counselling services,  Sarah delivers a unique and targeted course of therapy for each client.

Even if you’ve tried psychology or psychotherapy unsuccessfully in the past, Sarah’s approach could make all the difference.

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Sarah Tuckett Psychotherapy is located in Kelvin Grove on Brisbane’s north side.  Kelvin Grove is 3km north of Brisbane CBD and within 5 minute’s drive of Paddington, Red Hill and Ashgrove.

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